September 12, 2021

Viral Message

Viral Message

When you envision the body of Christ, you must envision a church without walls: boundless and limitless.

If we must evangelize the world, we must dream big. The church needs to have goals and they must be SMART.

While our aim is to harvest a massive number of souls for God, our growth must be qualitative and not just quantitative. The message must remain the same. The Gospel must remain rock-solid and unchanging.

One important lesson we can glean from Romans 10 is that it is possible to have a zeal for God but not be saved. Zeal is not the power of God unto salvation. Religion is a faith and not a culture. Cornelius was generous and prayerful but not saved. When it comes to salvation, it is the knowledge that saves.

Below are the important things to note when sharing the message of the Gospel.

1. The Gospel is about the utter helplessness of man.

2. The sovereign intervention of God. God saved man because He is good and He is lavish in his goodness.

3. The obvious consecration of the man in Christ. Once you receive the free gift, you must live for him.

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