March 7, 2021

Vintage Jesus – The Anointing

Vintage Jesus – The Anointing

Eph 4:11-12
Grow up!!
There is a primary assignment for ministry- Equipping the people in the grace that is in Christ.

Apart from scriptures on prosperity, healing, and favor, we as Christians should know(by heart) scriptures about doctrine. Become a very studious student of the Word. If we believe in the deity of Christ, we should be able to defend it. Wisdom can be defined as the ability to discern the difference. We cannot evangelize to a world you’re not ready to be different from.

Signs of a growing church.
1. Unanimity of the faith.
2. 2. Eph 4:14 A church firm in its doctrines and beliefs. 2 Chor 11:3 -4. The demand validates the supply.
3. Build profound knowledge about the true Jesus that you do not fall for the false Jesuses because they will come.

Orthodoxy refers to the singleness of belief.
I Chor 15:1-8 You must put the word above your experience. Not experience before the word.
1 Chor 15: 1-6 They started the description with the scriptures, not experience. The scriptures firm out basics for discernment.
Confirming scriptures
Heb 1:13, 10:13.

1 John 2:18 There are many anti-christ agents already.
But 1 John 2:20- We know all things and this gives us protection from error. Verse 26-27. The anointing preserves you in the way of the truth. Recognize this as the ministry of the Spirit in your life.

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