June 5, 2022

True Gold – The Purpose Of Money

True Gold – The Purpose Of Money

Psalm 23 shows us that God is our shepherd and he can tell us what to do.
The Lordship of Jesus touches and influences every aspect of our lives including our attitude to money.
When we search ourselves, we must see things in our lives more scared and powerful than money (Matt 6:24)

2 provoking facts you should know about money;

⚡️There are 2X more verses on money than there are on faith and prayer combined.

⚡️ Jesus spoke more about money than he did heaven and hell combined. Money has a lot to do with your soul. That means when you don’t have boundaries then you’re not free, there should be boundaries in your life. Mark 8:37.
Your attitude to money will be tested. Never violate your conscience!

Luke 19:8 The kingdom of God is more valuable than all that you possess in the world because you’ve considered him a greater treasure.

We know that “If we lose all to keep Christ it’s not a sacrificial move but a smart move.
Our conviction remains, Jesus is valuable and bigger!

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