June 19, 2022

True Gold: The love of Money

True Gold: The love of Money

True Gold: The love of Money

The love of money is the root of all evil & of all the vices nothing else struggles with the place of God like money.

The problem of the Church is not about money being discussed in church but the approach to the discussions. We should know that it is sinful to;

1. Want good things badly
2. Want bad things
3. Do the right things in the wrong way or with the wrong intents
Luke 18:11-12: The speaker here went beyond giving, devotion, and consecration to pride and arrogance
Matthew 23:23 Don’t pay tithe and forsake the weightier matters of law, judgment, mercy, faith, and love

5 pillars of a balanced teaching you should know:

🔸 Correct information
🔸 Complete information
🔸 Correct Application
🔸 Correct Emphasis
🔸 Correct Priority

God considers the heart and not just the action.
Generosity has become a means to get something in return rather than learning to let go. It is now a motive for covetousness and this is wrong.

Practice giving! (Matt 16:4)
As simple as visiting friends and people with gifts rather than expecting what you can receive.
Workmanship must be seen in your life as an inevitable effect of salvation. Though it is not a prerequisite for salvation it is a manifestation of your salvation.
Faith is an action word Hebrew 11:8
Faith substantiates hope, your conviction will be demonstrated by faith. Faith can be seen. By faith, Abel gave a more acceptable gift than Cain.
Don’t rob God by withholding generosity as an expression of your faith.

In conclusion, your only argument should be don’t restrict me to a 10th, instead, the question should be why a 10th (Mal 3:8), know this you can’t pray greed away, you can give greed away.

Glory to God! We have found true riches in Christ.

Bible passages to study:
“2 Cor 9:6-7, 1 John 2:9, James 4:3, 2:21, 1 John 2:9, Rom 10:10, Eph 2:8-10”

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