June 12, 2022

True Gold – The Giving Code

True Gold – The Giving Code

Matthew 22:35-40
When the essence of the law is misunderstood, the law will cause more harm than good.
Laws are not fun and games, they must be subject to interpretation. Everything that happens must be interpreted based on context.
The height of the understanding of the law is to understand its essence.

The essence of the law is hinged on 4 things:

🔥Worship- it isn’t hinged on compliance only but on worship. Exodus 19:5 Obey the law for worship and recognize God for who he is.

🔥The revelation of Christ- God used Old Testament practice to tell a story of what God will do. The blood of bulls and goats never sufficed for what God was going to do. They were just a true testament of what Jesus was going to do.

🔥Love – God cannot be tired. The first day that man witnessed was the sabbath day. Sabbath means finding rest in Christ. (Matt 23:23) in your administration of the law, there must be justice, mercy, and faith. Matt 12: 4-7

🔥In the beginning- When it comes to tithing we must deal with the excesses. Malachi 3:10. You cannot make tithing an ordinance. Romans 8:32 God is telling us that by the free gift of Christ through salvation therefore we have access to all things.

What then does the Bible teach about GIVING?
From my generosity, it must show the worship of Christ. He gave all to me so I’ll give all back to him.
2 Cor 9:12 There’s no way you believe in the gospel and it won’t show in your generosity.

It is free-will giving. New Testament giving must be delightful. (2 Cor 9:7) 1 Cor 16:1 The fact that it is free will doesn’t mean it should be not dutiful.
It should be sacrificial: It’s free will but we must be consistent. We should love to give to God. All I have comes from him I worship him with the way I give and with my money.
With my money, I show honour and worship.

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