June 8, 2022

True Gold – Financial Stewardship

True Gold – Financial Stewardship

Who is a steward? 🤔
A steward is one who serves the interest of another.
🔸As a believer, you should have in mind that all your resources come from God.
(1Timothy 6:17, John3:27)
🔸Financial stewardship comes with the consciousness that all you have is from God. Therefore, you must honour God with how you use his resources. (1Tim6:17)
🔸One of the things we need to watch out for is Greed as this plagues both the rich and the poor in resources.
🔸Greed is wanting anything good at the detriment of others and this has some dangers:

👉🏿 A greedy person will lack discernment. Pro13:11
It is important to have this posture of heart that what God cannot give you, you will never go after.
👉🏿 A greedy person will stray from devotion.

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