April 2, 2023

This Grace vs Disgrace

This Grace vs Disgrace

This Grace vs Disgrace

Ephesians 4:11-14

There are different views on salvation, however, it’s God’s desire that there’s unanimity in the faith, that we all study Jesus and believe in the same thing.

What does the Bible say about Salvation – What is the true message?
🔺Colossians 3:1-3 helps to establish who we are in Christ, and what Christ has done for us and highlights that the grace we have received is not to gratify lustful desires, instead it calls for a change of heart, appetite, and priorities
🔺Romans chapters 1-11 establish who we are in Christ, while chapter 12 talks about how we believers should respond to the mercies of God i.e. by presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. Nowhere in the Bible was sin treated like it does not matter

Other important points to note:
🔺 Just as with romantic relationships, in doctrinal relationships, when two people can not agree on a particular thing, it is most times because there are trust issues. If you have a bias against the Grace message, it’ll be uneasy for you to accept the truth.

🔺Never judge the validity of a doctrine SOLELY by its excesses.

🔺Just because something sounds stricter doesn’t make it right. Put aside preconceived notions and believe in God’s word.

Three simple things to know about Grace:
🔺Grace is not fair: Romans 9:30-31, Romans 10:1-3. Salvation is not to be worked for, it is not about your works. Matthew 21:31. The only way to be saved, is to believe in Jesus, moral excellence/being a good person is not enough to grant you passage into the Kingdom.

🔺Grace is absolutely undeserved. You may be giving to church and joining prayer platforms but are you born again? Except you are born again you can not enter into the kingdom of God. Luke 18:12-14. We must come to God knowing that the only qualification for salvation is faith in Jesus.

🔺Grace annoys religious people. Matthew 20:1-16 – The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. Jonah 4:2-3. Do not let anyone (including religious people) confuse you about the truth about salvation.

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