December 6, 2019

The New Normal – Joy as a Weapon

The New Normal – Joy as a Weapon
Philippians 1:25 NIV “Convinced of this, I know that I will remain, and I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith.”
There are two important things you should note from this scripture. First, the moment you get born again, the next most important thing is spiritual growth. God raises men with men.
There is a school of the Spirit; there are some things some things in the Lord you need to see people do. Who said you cant walk on water? Don’t let biology confuse you. As a minister of the Gospel, it matters what you see repeatedly; it matters what you expose yourself to. I n the realm of the spirit, sight is important. When Peter saw Jesus walking on water, it inspired something in him. Secondly, you need to note that joy is as important as spiritual growth. In the realm of the spirit, joy is a measure of spiritual growth. If you’ve not grown in joy as a believer, you are still a baby. There has to be joy because of the faith. You move from duty to delight in your Christian devotion. Joy is a delight. We must savour the things of God. Passiveness is not of God. Joy is a spiritual principle. Some people have been taught wrongly about God. The Bible says God sings. Zep 3:17 God sings about saving you. You are a song on his lips. We are learning from God. He anticipated that people will try to stop the salvation plan. However, in trying to stop the plan, they fulfilled it. Psalm 2:1-4 God responded in verse 4. The Bible said He laughed. Imagine what will happen if you laughed about that problem. If you do what the Bible people did, you will see what they saw. It is only the natural man that waits for a joke to laugh. You have to learn the life of victory; it is a relaxed life in Christ.

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