March 6, 2022

The Ministry of the Spirit

The Ministry of the Spirit

Why is the Holy Spirit so important?

The Holy Spirit is to a church what an engine is to a car. A car without an engine can look good but won’t go anywhere. There is no church without the holy ghost.

A lot of us have not made the required impact because we have not learnt to walk with the spirit. When the holy spirit takes over your life he brings a new level of productivity and effectiveness to your life.

By the Holy Ghost, anybody can be somebody.

There are three fundamental things that the advent of the spirit introduced to the church, they are;

1. The right and privilege to become a son of God – John 14:18
The coming of the spirit is to take you out of the orphanage and make you a child of God. Adoption is greater than the gift he can give. He doesn’t just want to give you something he wants you to become his child.

Romans 8:15
John 3:1-3 The major ministry of the spirit is evangelical.
John 16: 7-9 Gal 3:13 – 14

Eph 1:13 – 14 the holy spirit is a stamp of ownership. The branding of God. His gift is himself and the bearer of all the gifts is inside you.

You belong to God!

The Holy Spirit is not just for religious calisthenics but for the assurance of salvation.

Gal 3:5 when you walk in the consciousness of sonship, everything you have is enough.

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