January 30, 2022

The Honour Currency

The Honour Currency

Psalm 5:11-12

We rejoice because we know we are on the winning side. God is our defense and we have a defense by his Favour.

When you’re planning for your future and every area of your life you can plan with Favour.

• Favour is reliable because it’s a shield.

• Favour is not a miracle but a strategy.

• Favour is not a windfall or a mystery. If it happens repeatedly consistently then it is Favour and not an accident.

Pay attention to Favour because God doesn’t joke with Favour and not only must you grow in Favour with God but also with men.

Facts about Favour are;

1. Favour can change- it can be manipulated. You can walk in, walk out, increase and decrease in Favour. It’s very important you believe Favour can change otherwise you won’t position yourself to have it increase. Favour is the reward for good behavior. You understand Favour when you understand that there are some things some people have access or can do and others can’t. You cannot do ministry if you don’t understand honour. A spiritual man must be a relationship expert. (Learn how to start conversations). Gen 40:7 You must be big on Favour and never trivialize Favour with men. Not only can Favour grow, it can also diminish.

2. A man of Favour cannot be petty and entitled. When you always try to prove a point you’ll lose everything. 1 Peter 2:18 Your journey to destiny is filled with several unreasonable people and you must have discretion for the sake of your family and yourself. If you don’t appreciate Favour, Favour will diminish.

Honor currency Honour is a key to Favour and it’s a currency.

How to become a man or woman of honour.

1. Become addicted to service. Generally in life become fascinated with helping people. 1 Peter 2:17

2. Build value – Numbers won’t count much if you don’t build value. It’s one thing to be addicted to service and another thing to build value. Men of Favour are solution providers.

3. Be a master of protocol- Learn what to say when it should be said, watch your words. Be a person of protocol and value.

4. Be loyal- Learn to show for people, especially in trying times.

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