March 30, 2022

The Devotion Code

The Devotion Code

According to basic science, for fire to be produced & sustained, three things must be present: heat, oxygen, and fuel. Remove any, and the fire goes out. The same principle applies to spiritual fire; revival does not happen coincidentally, it occurs as a result of deliberate architecture. If you put the right things in place, you will inevitably see it. There’s no such thing as an ‘automatic Christian life’, there is what to do to sustain what God has done. Fan the flames of the gifts of the Spirit, and fight the good fight of faith.

1 Tim 6:12; Gal 5:15 Jesus exposed the spirituality of many seemingly physical phenomena. When you struggle to pray, it’s not ordinary, there is war.

Matt 26:41 There are things you can do to build a consistent devotional life. 👇🏻 Spiritual maturity means growing in the knowledge of Christ and superimposing that knowledge in your daily experience. Acknowledge and manifest the knowledge that you have received. Spiritual maturity is hard work, there is diligence to it.

1Pet 2:9 Your walk with God will enter a new level when you learn to handle your Gethsemane experience – where you fight your flesh. Don’t observe your devotion instead of controlling it. Whether you feel like it or not, pray. Set your desire. A mature Christian does not observe his feelings, he observes his spirit.

Col 3:13, 1Sam 10:4-6 The most invaluable key to a sustainable devotional life is fellowship with the Saints. This unites everything; just by proximity, fire spreads. All through the Bible – Spiritual gifts thrived in community.

Col 3:2; 1 Sam 10:5; Phil 1:25; You must continue to see who you want to be. It’s in your spirit to replicate your destiny; when you consistently see someone doing what you desire, you replicate it. Don’t keep your mind empty; play prayer tapes, sermons, and spiritual songs. Music is a very powerful tool in the atmosphere of the Spirit.

Acts 16:25 For it to be a New Testament Church, the workings of the Spirit must be common. You have the Holy Ghost so you have something to offer. Eph 5:1

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