February 26, 2020

The Believer’s Lovewalk IV

The Believer’s Lovewalk IV

The love of God is proactive. God always initiates, even if some people won’t accept. Before we knew we needed salvation, He already took a step. We need to understand that God’s love isn’t like that of the world, it’s better and higher and just like the Father, we have the ability to love in this manner!

The love of God is an unconditional demand of the believer. God’s love must be in display by us. No wrong or hurt is reason enough not to forgive because we have an example in Christ.

1 John 4:8 shows that love is the irrevocable character of God. God is love- it’s his nature. Anyone can pretend to be who they are not but when they are placed under pressure, scrutiny or accountability, their true nature is revealed. If God wasn’t love, what would we do about it? He has no one to report to!

He isn’t doing all He is doing to save face, if God loves us, that’s because it’s who He is. No situation can draw out from within you what’s not within you! That’s what nature is.

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