May 21, 2023

Still Small Voice

Still Small Voice

He emphasized the need for us to shift our focus from our inability to hear God’s voice, to God’s ability to speak to us.

Here are important points to note from this teaching:-

– We need to train our faculties to be able to understand what we hear from God.

– We need to stop thinking about the voice of God from a natural standpoint.

– God’s voice can only be discerned by the spirit.

– To hear the voice of God, you have to keep your flesh at bay because the flesh is constantly at war with the spirit.

Here are the different ways God speaks:

– By an inward witness
– By a still small voice
– By an audible voice
– By divine co├»ncidences
– By divine passions

How do you know it’s the voice of God?

With the voice of God comes boldness with a sense of urgency, a passion that won’t fade, and the will to do.

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