January 1, 2023

Special Thanksgiving Service

Special Thanksgiving Service

John 7:37 – God’s plan is for us to ooze out his spirit.
🔥 By design, spiritual experiences are meant to be abundant. If it isn’t, it means you’re not doing enough. You cannot keep up with just the barest minimum

🔥 God promised rivers of living waters. His desire for us is to be in abundance, to be overflowing.
Jesus knows your capacity but he keeps pouring till the cup runs over. This is his plan.
We are full of God, full of spirit and therefore we must ooze his presence in abundance.

🔥You might have the spirit of God, but it is his desire that you be full of the spirit. That we may be filled with the fullness of God

🔥God should be our first joy and only desire, above anything or anyone else.
To know Christ is to live for him.
As you grow in your knowledge of him by studying the scripture, you grow to love him more.
When you know how much Jesus loves you, you will grow to love him.

🔥True joy is not complete until it is shared. You are quick to share what makes you happy or laugh with others so they may share in your joy.
When you find joy in Christ, you will share his love easily.

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