January 15, 2023

Solid Faith

Solid Faith

Solid Faith

Mark 8: 36- 37
Success is weighty. A lot of people experienced it and couldn’t bear it. The same goes for failure. A wise man builds his house on the rock and it stands. That’s how to prepare for the future.

Three points from the text(Mark 8: 36 – 37)
1. Your soul will be bought if it is up for sale. Start training your mind to understand the worth of your soul.

2. There are good things you must be willing to lose to keep your soul. If you’re not willing to lose good things, your soul still has a price. You just haven’t been offered yet.

3. Anything you value more than your soul is your God. Anything you can exchange your soul for is your God. The devil makes you defy your conscience as a result.

God is good but Good is not God.
Col 3: 5 Any uncontrollable item is idolatry.

How to rid your heart of idols
1. Sacrifice: Even the things God gives you must be controlled. Without sacrifice, good things will become idols.

2. Protect yourself from satanic exposure.
Do this by embracing godly exposure.
Meditate on the word. Choose and curate your exposure wisely. Watch out for things changing your opinion. Protect yourself from ungodly exposure.

3. Exercise yourself unto godliness. Submit yourself for accountability. Have a strong core. Create structures in line with God.

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