October 22, 2021

Soli Deo Gloria – PH Day 1 – The Glory Of God In The Incarnation

Soli Deo Gloria – PH Day 1 – The Glory Of God In The Incarnation

What is Glory?

The Hebrew word that was translated Glory in the old testament is Kavod. Kavod describes what makes you important or respectable. It means respect. The literal meaning is weightiness or heaviness, but metaphorical, how respectable you are.

Glory can be used both for men and for God. The difference is that there is none like God in glory.

There is more to the glory of God than the power of God.

Glory can be used for men and God the difference is God’s glory is the excellence of Glory which means there is none like him

The Glory of God can be discerned in 4 ways:
1. In His power Ex 33:14. The glory of God is so sacred and powerful.
2. By appearance.
3. In the resume of God.
4. His holiness. Isaiah 6:1-3

The glory of God is first a message before it is an experience

Holiness means to be set apart, unique, separated from what is common.

The correlation between glory and holiness?
Distinction means the better your score the less likely it is to find anyone one like you.

The glory of God is so excellent that He’s alone; because there’s none like Him, He’s alone (Ex. 15:11).

The glory of God is a bitter sweet revelation. It highlights the holiness of God and the unworthiness of man.

God is so glorious that he is unapproachable by men in their own capacity. Heb 12:21

Relationship with God is practically impossible
1 Tim 6:16

If the redemptive work was just the incarnation, it was sacrificial enough.Even if he didn’t die on the cross, coming as a man was a lot of sacrifice. Phil 2:8

There’s nothing you can do to earn His love
The problem with humans and salvation is that it is so simple.
God is so loving that it annoys arrogant people.

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