November 21, 2021

Soli Deo Gloria – ABJ Day 3 – Finale

Soli Deo Gloria – ABJ Day 3 – Finale

It is NOT difficult to be used by God, it all depends on your level of spiritual maturity. We are the same in salvation but not in consecration/maturity.

Maturity matters a lot in the realm of the spirit, it determines the weight of the assignments God will entrust you with.

Matt 8:9, 1Jhn, 1 Cor 13:15, Matt 6:33 The greatest asset you can have is the presence of God, which becomes more of a reality when you have become spiritually mature. God meets needs primarily by his presence; chains break & mountains move once he shows up. Act 12:7, 16:25


By building capacity; study your Bible, pray everyday, and watch yourself grow into an embodiment of God’s presence.

Ps 114:7 Go for gold, don’t be satisfied with pettiness. God wants to bring you to a deeper level of intimacy with him.

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