November 20, 2021

Soli Deo Gloria – ABJ Day 2 – Morning – Stamina (Something We Must Build)

Soli Deo Gloria – ABJ Day 2 – Morning – Stamina (Something We Must Build)

One of the most important gifts you can receive from a ministry Gift is a prayer life.

Many prophesies are activated by prayer, you have to learn the ministry of prayer.

Eph 3:14-16 You strengthen your inner man by praying. Prayer makes your progress in the faith more visible, build your spiritual muscles because just like a physical muscle, they are proof of what you can face.

1Tim 4:8 Just like a physical gym, there are activities you expose yourself to that make you stronger. In the same way, you can alter your physical form, you can alter your spiritual form. One of the most important ways to build our spiritual capacity is through a prayer life.

Prayer is not all about making requests; it is about building stamina. Prayer programs are not enough, what is required is a prayer life.

Just like physical fitness, there’s a consistency to it. You must make up your mind to build a consistent prayer life.

Matt 26:39, The realm of the spirit is a game of stamina, you must build strength. Your strength shows in the way you handle temptation.

Prov 24:10, Isa 40:3, 1Kgs 18:42 There is an aspect to Christian devotion that only answers to tenacity. Gen 32:24

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