November 19, 2021

Soli Deo Gloria – ABJ Day 1 – The Glory Of God In The Gospel

Soli Deo Gloria – ABJ Day 1 – The Glory Of God In The Gospel


From a practical sense, it’s impossible to have a relationship with God. Isa 6:1-5

What must a man do to be saved?

You won’t appreciate the incarnation if you don’t understand that no one had seen God before Christ came. Bible texts that prove this;
John 3:13, 1:18, Heb 11:13

God is transcendent – infinitely above anything & anyone. He was so unapproachable. 1Tim 6:16

In every true presentation of the Gospel, you will find 2 things;

1. The utter helplessness of man
2. The sovereign intervention of God. John 1:11-14

God was seen for the first time in the incarnation. Heb 4:15

What has changed since the incarnation?

God didn’t just become a man, he became God’s covenant man to our own benefit. Just as Adam was God’s covenant man, whatever they both did, we did. Gen 5:2, Rom 5:19

In Christ’s death, we died, in his resurrection, we were raised back to life. This is the true baptism.

Baptism is a spiritual operation by which we become beneficiaries of the redemptive work of Christ – the second Adam. All we need do is BELIEVE that all he did is efficacious for giving you a new life in him. Rom 5:19, Eph 1:18-20, Ps 24:7-9, Eph 2:1-6

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