December 10, 2022

RC 22 – Contagious Devotion

RC 22 – Contagious Devotion

Is it an insult or a compliment to be called “the Salt of the earth”?

In the old days, salt was incredibly expensive, such that it could serve as currency.

This implies that it’s a huge compliment – the Church is important; we are not a distraction but a blessing. Matt 5:12-13.

To be Salt requires that you are joyful in persecution. The world does not know the truth, and they may never do but don’t because of that lose your stance. Don’t begin to compromise to blend in because they don’t understand you. It’s okay to lose friends.

If you follow Jesus for convenience, your faith will not last. You cannot follow God having an attachment to the things of the world.

The church tends to emphasize only what God gives, but your core must be stronger.

In season and out of season, you must be ready to hold your position. Daniel 11:32

Contagious Devotion in 4 parts;

1. Learn to be faithful in spite of persecution
2. Cast away idols.
1 John 5:21 – Keep yourself.
In the place of prayer, your priorities are tested, corrected, and kept.
3. Get fresh oil
Prayer meetings like this oil spiritual joints Psalm 92:10.
4. Get fresh power

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