January 24, 2021

Prophetic Faith

Prophetic Faith

Prophetic Faith

When you look at the Eagles, many of the things people admire about them are natural tendencies for them. They do not ‘strive’ to soar, they simple do because it is their nature. That is the same way it should be with Christians. There are so many things that are already built-in us because we are in Christ, but yet we struggle with them.

If we follow the fundamentals of faith like it’s taught, we see some people who don’t follow these fundamentals and yet they get a completely different result.

Why then is the miraculous relatively easy for some people who don’t seem to be following the ‘principles’ of faith.

To understand God’s mind concerning any subject at all, it is important that you pick every verse concerning the subject and interpret it as one. In Matthew 4:6, the devil quoted the scriptures to tempt Jesus and although the scripture was true, in that context, the motive was wrong. Faith has a context and faith has a motive.

Mark 11:24 and James 4:3 shows that there should be a balance in the context and motive of Faith. Philippians 4:13 has been misinterpreted without understanding the context. The preceding verse explains the context for which that verse stands. The aim of faith is not self-gratification but God’s glorification.

What then is Faith?
* Faith is the desire for the will of God, who has your best interest.
* Faith is moving in God’s direction and easing of heart.
* Faith is not combating the will of God, but moving with God’s passionate plan. Hebrews 11:33-40
* Faith is also the gift of the Spirit. There is a God-initiated Faith, where even when you are on your own, the Spirit is supplying Faith for a purpose.
* Faith is both a gift of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit.
The business of faith is to incline yourself to the heartbeat of God and following His pulse. There are things that God pursues with such fervency, and so if you align yourself with that you will walk in the prophetic faith. Loss reveals the purity of your faith. If it is faith, it is replaceable.

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