January 22, 2023

Priceless Faith

Priceless Faith

Priceless faith

It is important to remember that the promise land was God’s initiative.
God desires all good things for us (all good and perfect gift is from above). However, we must note that people can be destroyed even by good things.

If you’re going to last, you must build character to sustain the good thing you’ve been given.
1 John 5:21

You can be an idol worshipper unintentionally when you begin to treat good things as idols.

What is an idol?
• Anything you get your self-worth from.

• Anything you’re afraid to lose or cannot bear to do without.

• Anything you break moral standards for.

Col 3:5
Money (Mammon) can be an idol in your life and as a believer, you cannot serve God and Mammon.
Money will seek opportunities to replace God in your heart but you can protect your heart by:

1. Being Generous- Not just to the church but to others also)

2. Setting boundaries – Know what is more important in your life than money. Set your priorities. Set lines you will never cross for money.
Dethrone money in your life.

God may never let some things take place in your life until you pass the training or learning stage and begin to grow.
Your humility and attitude to money matter to God. Exodus 13:17

There must be sacred things in your life.

There must be limits!

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