June 20, 2021

Power, Integrity & Excellence III

Power, Integrity & Excellence III

As believers, we are distinct (1 Pet 2:9)
There is a particular way to live because we are strangers here in ‘Babylon’.
Integrity is not just about not doing the wrong things, it’s also about being bold to do the right things.

Every time you do something, it’s not just your reputation that is at stake, God’s reputation is also at stake.

God rewards integrity.
As believers, we are empowered by the Holy Ghost to do good.

How to keep Integrity
-Find satisfaction in the integrity of God. God is more than enough.
– Boldness in the power of God.
– Company: Good company is a defense. It will protect you
– Say No: Have the ability to reject things even at the expense of a punishment or a reward
– Know the reason for your convictions.

Be the Christian who when others see your life they will glorify God and not blaspheme His name.

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