June 13, 2021

Power, Integrity & Excellence II

Power, Integrity & Excellence II

Have a selfless ambition for the Gospel & learn to live in an environment of contradiction. Any system that tries to suppress your faith is Babylon, learn to survive in it. Matt 28:19

Just like Daniel, in an environment of contradiction, you will need;

– Power
– Integrity;
– Excellence (Dan 5:12)

Live with the consciousness that you are a light, that you are different, and that you are here to impact generations to come.
Remember you are in Babylon & remember where you are from. You cannot change a people that you look exactly like 1Pet 2:9, Eph 5:8

EXCELLENCE means to possess the outstanding quality or superior merit. 1Pet 2:9

Why must you be excellent?

Because of the sensitivity of your assignment; souls depend on what you are doing. Don’t be mediocre. What you receive by favor once in a while, you will receive every time with excellence.
Your effort must reflect your objectives. Matt 4:19

What will excellence do for you?

1. It will call attention. Attention is commanded with effort. Dan 1:4, Matt 5:14, John 7:37, Exo 3:4

2. It gives access; before you seek access, build confidence, before you build an audience, build diligence.

3. It makes you memorable; whatever you do, make it memorable. You are of the spirit, you can be timeless. John 7:46, Matt 5:44

4. It makes you irreplaceable. 2Sam 18:3

How to be excellent;

1. Pick something to be excellent at. You cannot be excellent at everything so determine what is important to you, having in mind your divine assignment.

2. Be obsessed about it, if you are not obsessed about it, you won’t be excellent at it. Go the extra mile.

3. Learn to benchmark and exceed. If you are not competitive in the world, you won’t be excellent. 1Cor 9:24
John 15:13, 2Cor 10:5,

4. Always do it better the next time. There must be something new every time you do something. Make sure you continue to be an inspiration.

Excellence is not an option. Eternal excellence is the joy of many generations. Supernatural advantage must show in your life.

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