January 1, 2022


In this new year,
1. Shun mediocrity.
– Our approach for the new year must change.
– God never works with an unserious person.
– Study more and be ready to do something different.
– People who are mediocre are lazy and lazy people are common.
– For success to happen, success requires distinction.
– Reject laziness and do not be quickly satisfied.
– Deal with procrastination and stop waiting for the condition to be perfect before you act.
– Mediocre people lack consistency.
– Always wake up with a sense of urgency.
2. Shun self-centeredness.
– Self-centered people have small minds.
– God wants to give you more. He wants to give you the earth (Matt 5:5) Your needs are already met in Him.
– The gospel is the real definition of success. No matter how the year was, the year where the gospel prevailed was a good year.
– The real priority is the kingdom. The life worth living is the life where souls are saved, the sick get healed and disciples are raised.
In Daniel 12:3, we see God’s perspective of light. And in this year, we shine brighter. Proverbs 4:18
Our Year of Greater Light!

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