January 28, 2020

Order Births Peace

Order Births Peace

Until you learn to do things when they are meant to be done, your peace would always be under attack. Disorderliness births lack of peace.

There are three battlegrounds for peace:
1. Finances
2. Health
3. Relationship

Proverbs 22:3. Your righteousness status should not hinder your ability to be brutally honest. Luke 14:28-29. Sometimes following the crowd puts on hold the things God has put in you to make impact on the world. Research, learn about stuff, plan ahead of time. It is godly to see way into the future that no one has seen either through prophetic gift or sheer use of the intelligence of God.
Proverbs 6:6-8.

Two things to learn from the ants:
1. Working without supervision.
2. Plan for the future.

1. Create an emergency fund: a fund you only touch in extreme situations.
2. Take calculated risks: ask questions, talk to a lawyer.
3. Build more sources of income.

1. Food: watch your eating
2. Drink plenty of water
3. Exercise
4. Sleep

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