February 6, 2022

LoveCode – Breakfast

LoveCode – Breakfast


➡️ God cares about you, your pains and your heartbreaks. He led Phillip to the Eunuch whose status involved having something precious taken away from him ( Acts 8: 27-39). He received salvation that he desperately needed.

➡️ It’s God’s desire to bind us up from our pain. (Isaiah 61:1 ) While dealing with pain and trauma, the following are noteworthy:

🔹Jesus makes whole. This testimony is true today. Don’t mistake who you are for who you were (1 Cor 6:9- 11). In Christ, you are a new creation. You have a sound mind as an inheritance in Christ (2 Tim 1:7).

🔹Be vulnerable. Be open with your struggles and be vulnerable about your weaknesses. 🔹Regarding relationships, the end of a relationship does not mean you have failed in life. 🔹Choose forgiveness. Bearing a grudge does not help with your healing.

🔹Protect your vulnerabilities. Do not be too trusting. Have boundaries.

🔹Avoid projecting. Don’t project mindsets formed from your past experiences in your present relationships.

🔹Do not make permanent decisions based on temporary mistakes. Don’t make decisions that will keep you in pain for the rest of your life.

🔹The Supernatural God can intervene supernaturally in your relationships. Trust God to intervene.

🔹Break the cycle of abuse. Protect your kids. In Christ, you are comforted and you will comfort others with that same comfort. AMEN!

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