February 9, 2022

Love Walk

Love Walk

In the body of Christ today, it’s almost as if knowledge & love cannot coexist; the people who have the knowledge of the gospel’s message tend to not know how to love while the people who love do not have the knowledge.

However, the Bible clearly tells us that love and knowledge can go hand-in-hand. You don’t need to suppress one for the other. Yes, the truth can be taught in love.

The love of God that you have received has conferred on you a responsibility; you can’t receive the undeserved love of Christ and not love undeservedly.

Prove the love of Christ in difficult situations – forgive. John 21:15, 1Cor 16:22, Phil 2:1-7

Love walk is a parameter for measuring spiritual maturity. You walk in love when you don’t judge people by their actions alone but by where they are coming from; their exposure and perspective.

If you do not have holistic thinking, you will disregard the effort of others. Learn to accommodate people’s growth processes, grow in the love of Jesus.

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