May 2, 2021

Like Incense

Like Incense

It’s a great anomaly that men do not pray. If you truly gaze on God, out of delight and not duty, you will stay there.

If you are losing delight, you are gazing at the wrong things. Realign your priorities. Pray through distractions and understand that nothing counts as much.

Learn to wait in prayer (Isaiah 40:31) 5 types of people Jesus dealt with

1. The Multitudes – They don’t want Jesus, they just want His miracles.

2. The Pharisees – They have the semblance of religion but with hypocritical motives.

3. The Marthas – Committed but often plagued with the busyness of life.

4. The Judases – Struggle with private contradictions that no one knows.

5. The Peters – No moral contraindications but lose their passion when they see the contradictions of others. In our walk with God, note that the things of the Spirit require the investment of our entire life.

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