May 1, 2022



The most important principle of Prayer is that it is Heartfelt.

Things to note:
🔸Inclining your heart to God is one of the biggest things you can ever do in your walk with God
🔸An inclined heart is all it takes to hear God.
2 Chro16:9, Jer 29:13
🔸To embrace divine leading, you must lay aside giftings, Intelligence, comfort and embrace surrender.
🔸You cannot claim to seek divine leading when you struggle to pray.
🔸If you have an inordinate desire for money, you will miss the will of God.
🔸There is a disposition of the heart that inclines the ear to hear. Pro3:5-6
🔸Don’t compare yourself with anything/anyone other than God’s template for your life.
🔸Be faithful with the instructions of God so much that God can call you reliable. Gen 18:19

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