May 4, 2022

Light In A Dark World

Light In A Dark World

As believers, we are encouraged to pursue spiritual growth.
A newborn baby is not responsible for himself however, as the child grows, some expectations are placed on him. This also applies to us as Christians.


🔸It is increasingly important in these last days to recognize the devil’s wiles. When your heart is conflicted and convictions you once upheld from the truth of God’s Word are shaking, it is an attack. Eph 4:14, Eph6:11
🔸 When you are gradually living a life without boundaries, the devil is after you. A life without sacredness is not freedom but death.
🔸 Get to a point in your life where you overcome the fear of missing out.
🔸 Convictions are shifted gradually not abruptly so, be circumspect and hold your ground.
🔸The ultimate proof of consecration is time. Isa40:31
🔸 In these last days, blend in but be without compromise. 1Cor15:33
🔸 The devil’s biggest strategy in this time will be to get you to be sympathetic about the things you should abominate. If you are not careful, you will lose yourself and your identity will look too harsh. His definition of love will be compromise.
🔸Embrace the character of Noah and the mental fortitude to hold your conviction in spite of contradictions. Rom12:2

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