August 8, 2021

Jesus Joy – Kill Joy

Jesus Joy – Kill Joy

Unholy comparison will make you miss out on all that God is doing in your life because you are fixed on what is happening in the lives of others. We compare because we don’t know who God is. God’s resources are unlimited and He loves you.

A lot of people hide their low self-esteem under the pillow of false humility. At the root of low self-esteem is an underestimation of your worth in God. He wants to use you for big things but He can’t if you’re small-minded.

Most people keep waiting for their inadequacies to be resolved but God says He will be with you!! Your self-esteem should come from your knowledge of who you are in Christ. Your trust is in the name of the Lord!

Beyond all these, what is most important is your joy in God. To keep your joy, you must have a regardless-mentality. Have God-esteem which is always better than self-esteem. Learn to be happy for other people.

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