August 1, 2021

Jesus Joy – Jireh

Jesus Joy – Jireh

Where the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse becomes inevitable. We can get so used to the church that we forget the purpose why we are here. It’s good that we came, but we came for something; furtherance and joy in the faith, Philippians 1:25. We should be able to ask ourselves how our understanding of the faith has advanced. If we’ve been in church for some time, it should show.

Logically, we have every reason to be anxious. For the natural man, it makes sense to be afraid. But for the man in Christ, there are no fears. God is a rock, and so our joy is a rock; it does not move. Situations may change around us, but our joy is from the inside. It does not change.

Jireh simply means God will provide, but it actually means God is providential. God lives in eternity, so He’s in our future. He knows all the needs we will have, and He has catered for them. This is a mentality to have. If in salvation we see the providence of God, how much more in the smaller things of our lives? It is inconsistent to believe in the providence of God in salvation, and not see it in the things of our lives. Romans 8:32,35.

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