August 29, 2021

Jesus Joy – Agalliao

Jesus Joy – Agalliao

The kingdom of God is more than just moral regulations, it is more of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

There’s a joy that comes from the money you have, joy in music and so much more but there is joy in the Holy Ghost and it is different. Don’t be so poor all you have is money!!! Never get too spiritual that you don’t appreciate the good things in your life. There’s a place for celebrating the goodness of God but that cannot be your only source of joy.

Just as our love is different from the world’s, our joy also is different. They have similar characteristics but the source is different. Ours is more than emotions; it’s a fruit of our regenerated spirit.

Joy is proof of our understanding of the gospel. It is better shown than told. Joy in impossible times is proof of the workings of the Holy Ghost in us!! Gloraaaayyyy!!!

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