September 11, 2022

Hypertrophy – The School of the Spirit

Hypertrophy – The School of the Spirit


Temptation must not meet you unprepared.
You cannot be a believer and not have a prayer life.

Everyone who has a prayer life has a period where they don’t feel like praying. But they push past it.

How do I start, what do I need to know?

1. Learn to pray heartfelt prayers (when you pray, you must mean what you say) there must be an investment of emotions. Many times it will show in your posture. When it touches you, it will show.
The earnest continuous heartfelt prayer of the righteous man. Any prayer that doesn’t touch you can’t change you.

How to have a heartfelt prayer?
Learn to meditate on the scriptures just before you pray, study the Bible.
Social media is a big distraction to the spiritual because this generation has to touch their iPhone every second. The ability to focus is something of deep spiritual benefit and we must not lose this. You dilute your prayer life if your prayer is not heartfelt.

2. It’s not just heartfelt but it is continued. It’s not a once-in-a-while issue but it is a lifestyle. Acts 12, 13. The believers prayed for Peter until he literally showed up. For you to be fit, there must be consistency. Prayer follows that method. You’re not praying until you pray without ceasing. If you want to walk in the glory of God, there are some things you must do consistently and not once in a while. Set realistic prayer goals. Set your alarm clock. Hebrews 10:24-25

3. create an environment of constant positive provocation to pray. Listen to a sermon, excerpt or read a book (the Bible preferably) to create an environment to enable you to pray. Learn to feed off the energy of others. Create playlists that’ll help you stay in a spiritual atmosphere. Sometimes increase the volume/tempo of your voice to stay in the spirit.

4. Singing songs to God can be a form of prayer.

5. Prayer partner- this is key. create a system of accountability

6. Triumph 30 devotional is a useful tool to help you grow in your prayer and devotion. Join in!

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