July 14, 2019

How Long Must I Pray

How Long Must I Pray

How long must we pray?

Simple declarations of faith (short prayers) or very long prayers?

The balance for the believer is that his prayer life must comprise of long and short prayers if his prayer must be effective; the effectiveness of his short prayers is dependent on the long prayers he has made in the secret. 1 Thes 5:17.

Jesus in as much as he made proclamations, also spent hours fellowshipping with God. Jhn 12.28, Lk 10:21. 1Thes 5:17.

Long prayers consecrate us; it gives us access to divine encounters that reveals the glory of God to us & what the glory of God does is that it exposes our hypocrisy & corrects our inconsistencies.

Genuine encounters realign our minds with the will of God & bring us to a point of honesty with the true state of our minds. It is the believer s security. (1Thes 5:17, Lk 18.1)

It is noteworthy that what is most important in prayer is not the duration, it is our motive, our perseverance, our consistency, our tenacity, our concentration & our conviction; a structure we can only build with perseverance in prayer.

Without consistency (discipline), we cannot have a prayer life. We must pray even when we don’t feel like it.

It also takes prayer for the word of God to take hold of our minds; so we pray to build our conviction.

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