May 15, 2022

How God Leads You

How God Leads You

God gives extraordinary encounters to some people because those encounters are by extension, evangelical mediums for miracles in the lives of people. 1 Tim 1:15

It doesn’t have to be spectacular for it to the spiritual. Learn to accept and embrace the ways by which God speaks to you. It is a sin to despise the things God says because it doesn’t seem spectacular to you.

Many times God makes things spectacular for people because of their unbelief. 1 Kings 19:11
In pursuing the spectacular we seem to have despised the supernatural.

Know these:
• Visions are not infallible.
• Visions can be fabricated.
• The devil can mimic them. The devil can’t mimic an internal witness. If the Spirit is at work in you, a nudge is enough.

How God leads:
God’s primary instrument of guidance is his word. Psalm 119:105. The word of God is an instrument for dimensions. The word of God corrects us. James 4:3
There’s a type of leading that only believers have (Rom 8:13-14). If you don’t appreciate the small leading of God in your life you won’t appreciate the spectacular ones.

Start appreciating the tiny leadings of God in your life. Gal 5:16-18. The biggest leadings are the ones that make you walk in the will of God.

How can I hear God?

P.R.I.C.E 🚀🚀

👌🏾 Persuasions- These can be explained as strong nudges Acts 14:8-9

👌🏾 Restrictions- For some reason, you know what to do and what not to. Even if you can’t explain it, don’t ignore it!

👌🏾 Ideas and Passions- Phil 2:13

How do I know if it is my human passion?
• When you pray about it, the passion reduces instead of increasing.

• Investigate the motives.

👌🏾 Confirmations

👌🏾 Ease- even when it is something difficult, there’s ease inside.

If you follow all these you will arrive at God’s plan for your life.

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