December 22, 2019


Psalm 1:1-6 The emphasis of Psalm 1 is that we should have nothing to do with the negative but prevalent culture.
The culture we live in will make us feel like its way is the only way to happiness. We even give God the sense that we are sacrificing and missing a lot for him. God doesn’t want us to only be saved, He wants us to be both happy and saved. It’s an inheritance consciousness to know that you have received something great in Christ. Let your Christian life filter into your casual conversations. God has caused us to delight in his light so that his passion and ours will be consistent. Following Jesus is a thing of joy. It is more profitable than all our treasures. What will happen when our walk with God is put to test? Take, for instance, the rich young man in the parable.
Matthew 19:16-22. He was unhappy when Jesus asked him to sell his possessions. If a rich man of our time should say the same to a young entrepreneur today, he’d do that gladly but we have a different perceptive when it comes to God. Some of us have spent the best of our lives trying to impress people. You have to learn to be secure in the will of God. Stop caring about what they think about you.

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