January 10, 2021

Hello Fear

Hello Fear

Like a baby learning to walk, in spite of the many falls, he will continue to walk if he doesn’t stop trying.

Fear is a mechanism to show us the experience that we lack.

It is the confidence gotten to Joseph to Interpret dreams in prison that gave him the confidence to speak to the pharaoh.

Like learning to drive, at the beginning, we take baby steps, but we must challenge ourselves. This is the only way to get better

When we have small wins, it increases our enthusiasm for the future, it is inspiring, we must practice. We must choose our fear wisely.

Something greater to be scared of is standing before Jesus and seeing that he gave us so much more than we used.

We must choose our fear more wisely and choose the fear of God- what will God say?

It is smaller obedience that gives us the courage for other ones.

We must learn to face the lion and the bear so we can face Goliath. The lion is for our famiLy And Goliath for our nation

2 kings 7
In the story of the lepers, like the lepers this year we must take the right chances because the anointing only Works for the brave.

Because miracles only work for the Brave, and miracles never meet you at the gate as with the lepers, they had to go out.

These miracles will only happen Because we took steps.

Miracles only begin when our action has been demonstrated, by the end of this year Pastor Iren, will rather have it that we failed than we did not try.

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