July 18, 2021

Heat Check – The School Of Prayer 104 – Touch & Agree

Heat Check – The School Of Prayer 104 – Touch & Agree

James 1:22 – 25 The teachings of Jesus that he made shows corporate prayer. This is Jesus letting us know there’s something called Public prayer. An effective prayer life consists of both private and public prayer. Col 3:16. Acts 3:1. Acts 16:16

If your personal prayer altar is struggling you shouldn’t struggle in your public prayer. There’s something about public prayer that removes the limitations you face in private prayer. Like zebras that are easily identified by their stripe in a pack.

If you remove yourself from the pack you easily become prey to predators. There’s something about community that helps us achieve our goals better.

Like in the Old Testaments;

• God spoke to some people. Exodus 20:18. 1 Cor 14:26.

• They have physical temples to house God.

Bible examples Eph2:21-22. Acts 17:23. God lives in YOU! Eph 4:16 Judges 3:10, 1Sam 10:10. John 14:16 Romans 8:9. Also, this verse is saying we won’t be effective as we claim to be if you don’t play your part.

We all have something to say and a part to play for the edification of the body. James 5:17 if you can pray earnestly like Elijah, results will come forth. Romans 1:11 You need to discern the ministry you have for other people. It’s a pattern even in the Bible that when people pray together something happens! We should recognize that we have a part to play.

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