July 11, 2021

Heat Check – The School Of Prayer 102 – The Priorities Of Prayer

Heat Check – The School Of Prayer 102 – The Priorities Of Prayer

The teachings on prayer by Jesus would make more sense when we understand who Jesus is. Moses, Elijah had divine encounters but Jesus was and is divine. There is a way to pray, which is why John and the other disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray.

All our differences about the different ways to pray would be eradicated if we study the way Jesus prayed. It’s important that we understand that as Important as perseverance in prayer is, the purpose is more important. Just like there are rules on a race track, there are rules in the spirit.

Luke 11:2 One thing that made the disciples seek to learn to pray from Jesus was the fact that his prayers have an intimate perspective. He prayed to God like a Father which they hadn’t seen before. Things to know about prayer. • Prayer is about consecration and relationship. Prayer is not about you most times. To be a person of prayer, you should be a person consecrated to his plans and will. Prayer warfare isn’t about telling God about your problems. It’s about telling your problems about God. God should be your focus.

Jesus should be your priority in prayer. With the miraculous, we can wipe away the tears from some eyes but God’s kingdom which we pray for is his plan for all to be saved. The kingdom is the finality of God’s plan for your life. Luke 11:2. The entire Lord’s prayer emphasizes this in the whole prayer point. God is God-centered. He loves you but would have his will done. Re-align your perspectives.

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