September 19, 2021



There is a confidence you must have in God who has called you to reach the world for Him.

You need it to influence a world like ours that Christ already warned must hate us (John 15:16-18)

We cannot afford to be silent. Influence belongs to the BOLD. 📌

It does not always belong to the one who is right. In building Godfidence to preach the gospel :

-Fear Not

Beyond being a positive mindset there is a reason why (2 King 6:15-19) We have more with us than what people can see. We have eternity on our side. -Stay with the message.

Don’t change the message to suit the people. -Cure yourself of the desire to be liked. You are already accepted in the beloved.


Know the Gospel well enough to preach it -Be led by the spirit. -Pray often in the spirit. Remember, you are the gift of God to the world and your confidence is in God. We always win 🔥🔥🔥

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