September 26, 2021




Jesus was a carpenter, yet He was doing “fishing consultancy” for people who were professional fishermen. When they caught so much fish that their fishing net tore. It is expected that they go to the market to sell all the fish. However, there was something much more than that. Jesus wanted to make them FISHERS OF MEN. Matthew 28:18-19

1. This is a call to maturity.Jesus is saying unto you, “Come up hither”.

2. You can and should get better at spiritual things. In Christianity, there is nothing like a “better yesterday”. *Spiritual maturity and growth is not for some set of people. It is for EVERY single Christian. 2 Corinthians 3:6. *Are you scared of teaching and preaching? You can LEARN. You can get better at spiritual things.

3. Whatever you are good at bears witness to the fact that you can also be good at evangelism. The early apostles did not just wake up and start doing miracles, they were under training and did “internships” when Jesus was alive. Luke 10:1



A. Indirect Approach-John 4:3 Go to people and make friends with them. Lay hands on the sick. Have conversations with strangers and start dispensing the gifts of the spirit.

B. Direct Strategy There are people you meet and you immediately tell them about Christ. This is because you might never see them again and this might be their last opportunity to hear the gospel.


1. Who do you believe is the greatest person in history?

2. Have you lost anyone close to you? Where do think dead people go?

3. Do you know any good church around?

4. What do you think when people talk about Jesus?

5. I am praying for people today, what do you want me to tell God about you?


Two things to note as you GO!

1. Get Godfidence. Stand firm, be unshakable and unmovable. Matthew 9:5

2. You are not as shy as you think. Rehearse how to evangelize. Sin makes people VICTIMS. The solution and way out is JESUS. By preaching the Gospel, we are giving them the antidote.

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