January 16, 2022

Futuring – Taking Tomorrow Today

Futuring – Taking Tomorrow Today

Genesis 15:5 The reason why some people don’t desire more in life is that they’ve not gone out a lot.

Sometimes God pushes us to see things from a different perspective. Sometimes God’s best is interrupted by God’s good. We must be thankful. We must not be complacent. We should be able to see the goodness of God at all times and at the same time, it should not make us complacent. We should push harder. When God wants to do something in your tomorrow he must persuade you to have the right mindset today (3 John 1:2). Success must never be at the expense of our souls.

Here are four simple things for futuring;

1. Vision – This all starts from believing that it is possible. Put content out there. You have to move past the survival mentality. Put aside the good and receive the best for your life.

2. Excellence – Grace will not work for the lazy. Trust God for ideas. Look at your craft well and benchmark properly. Your inspiration is from a realm where’s there’s no time so your craft must be timeless. Everything divine is excellent. Every week improve something about yourself. Accept criticism. When you come up with an approach that has never been seen before you will rise to DURABLE RICHES AND RIGHTEOUSNESS.

3. Prayer – When we pray we receive supernatural direction!

4. Praise – Go around praising. Like this; “Father I thank you that you hear me always”. Learn to stop and give thanks at all times.

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