September 29, 2019



To have the Holy Spirit is so important because it means:
1. We are sealed unto salvation – Justification
2. Our desires are governed Ezekiel 36:27 – Sanctification
3. Romans 8:11 – we have the hope for Resurrection.
4. We are endowed with the possibilities of God to fulfill the purpose of God
Genesis 12:7-8

A lot of Christians are so powerful yet so ineffective because they have not been properly trained and the truth about who they are not been emphasized. They lack proper understanding of what it means to have the Holy Spirit in them.

It is not about your physic, your status, your task or your money, if you have the Holy Spirit you are unstoppable. You are empowered to do everything God ever asked you to do.

Isaiah 40:28-31. Exodus 31:1-6
Two things you should be conscious about.
1. Be conscious of your divine assignment
2. Be conscious of what you can accomplish by the power of the spirit

The anointing will create the opportunity for the fulfillment of responsibility. 1 Samuel 16:13. Philippians 2:13.
Secret passions that the spirit brings, give room for creative ideas.

If all you have is the Spirit, all you have is Enough.

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