January 23, 2022


It’s good there’s Facebook but we must have a faith book because God knows every record of our lives
Matt 12:36. When it comes to God’s book there is a standard, you’ll be judged according to the standard and you’ll give account. Asides from a faith book, God also has a book of life and that book is for people who have everlasting life.
John 3:16. God has books which are the; book of record, book of life, and God’s faith book. God’s faith book is a book of record that doesn’t just take note of what you wear, your degree, etc but it looks at what’s left to say about you? What you have done for Christ? Those are the achievements Lord will reckon with.
1Cor 3:13 He reckons you by the relevance to the work of Christ. Hebrews 11:4 In God’s faith book, the only thing written about you is what’s related to the things you did in the name of Christ. When it comes to contribution to the kingdom of God, it shows what have you done for Christ and what you have done by faith.
Here’s the concept of purpose. There’s is more to your life and you must discover the why of your life. The main idea for Purpose presupposes the existence of a creator with expectations. Your purpose must be relevant in the throne room.
Rev 5:3 shows that one of our many problems is that we have a poor sense of what we really need. The Bible is about the promise, provision, and continuation of salvation. When God wants to write about your faith story some things stand out for him; which is the achievements of men and it’s relevance to his salvation plan. Know that faith is anything that substantiates your hope and the hope is salvation- God’s salvation plan. Like Moses, you must be able to write your faith story by doing it God’s way and be willing to embrace the sacrifice.
Stand up and be counted, do all that God will have you do for his namesake, and just like David, you must be able to see through the lenses of God! Recognize that your greatness is relevant to God’s agenda and write your faith story well!

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