January 17, 2021

Faith Vocabulary

Faith Vocabulary

Mark 11:23. When people hear of faith, they’re quick to think of just the Charismatic faith — the mountain moving faith. But even more remarkable, is the Saving faith.

-Saving faith; Something you will do to release the possibility of eternal life. John 20:2. Romans 10:8-10. If you had enough faith to believe and be saved, you can have enough Faith for anything. John 20:24-28.

– In the realm of the spirit, you are deeper in spiritual understanding if you have never seen Jesus, but you believe in him. John 20:29. • The laws of a spiritual relationship break all the laws of a romantic relationship. You have never seen Christ, yet you love him.

– In the order of faith, the rejoicing comes before the fulfillment. Believe ➡️ Rejoice ➡️ Fulfillment. It is not the potency of the seed alone that determines the harvest. Matthew 13: 3-8; • Truth determines observation in the spirit realm, but in science, observation determines truth. You don’t receive to believe; you believe to receive and then you receive. Both in charismatic and saving faith, you believe that you have received because it aligns to the word of God and because you say it. Your mouth and hearts will align in faith. It is going to liberate you forever.

– Heart is a metaphor for your spirit. You believe with your spirit. There are some testimonies or experiences that limit the level of one’s Faith. Rebuke that fear. Speak the word. If you only move when you think you are confident, you will hinder God’s spirit. Even when you doubt, work with faith. Go with the word; let your feelings catch up. Stop waiting for your emotions to align. • When the devil is trying to make you compromise, trust God. He will compensate you. No one can gather by compromise what God will give you by faith. When charismatic Faith aligns with saving faith, you become unstoppable.

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