October 17, 2021

Faith For Healing

Faith For Healing

There is an urgency to demonstrate power in our day.
Examples of people that demonstrated power are; Moses
We should know that it doesn’t matter your past or many excuses, God can still use you.
Keep at the power of God. The Bible describes the word of God as an open face.
Like we see God make greatness out of ordinary people. He wants to mentor you!
We also see that in the time of creation, God was bringing beauty and order into chaos. He also began to name things. All the things you saw God do He gave man dominion and He honors the dominion.

There’s something called; Mentorship in the divine.
Don’t just say it, but prophesy as the word of God says. You can give directions to the spirit of God
God is always trying to get us to do what he does.
Having the God type of faith is doing what God does.
One of the biggest gifts God can give you is a training in the supernatural. You can have what you say when you have that power. We came to see what God can do but he is ready to see what we can do with the power he has given us.
Faith changes your perspective and launches you into a new normal.
When God is mentoring in a spirit realm we have to have an orientation of what the normal is. I’m the spirit realm everything is worked on by speech. Faith downplays the possibilities of a natural realm. I’m the realm of spirit you must align yourself to talk. Our talk is not informative but creative. There is a creative power when I speak. Mark 11:23
Diadrino (Greek word doubt ).
In the faith realm, you don’t examine different options s you embrace one.

How to build your faith:

1. Eradicate every contrary voice.
2. Faith involves consistency and tenacity.

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