January 3, 2021

Don’t Limit God

Don’t Limit God

As we began the series of January titled “I move mountains” We understood how not to limit God.

Proverbs 24:10
As believers stepping into the new year with the power to move mountains, we should do so with a couple of principles in mind. It takes discipline to accept the aforementioned.

First is understanding that rather than worry about adversity, we should build our strengths (Proverbs 24:10). Pain, many times is behind strength. For any seed to germinate into a plant, it must die.

Undervaluing identity and capabilities have led to the misplacement of priorities. Rather than yearn for progress, some have settled for the attention that comes with pity. As believers who desire the full manifestation of God’s gift, this is not an attribute to embrace.

As it is in the school system with grades; life and progress can be graded. In Christ, there should be a firm decision to have distinctions all round( An A).

Base your expectations, not on your background but God’s will for you (1 Chor 1:26). And God’s will is great indeed. There should be a drive that motivates you to do better.

Jer 29:11 God is thinking about our future. We should align our plans with His. In God, the future doesn’t have to unpredictable, his plans and thoughts for us are good.

When it comes to moving mountains, you have to have a vision and a clear image. God works on images and visons that you might dwell on them. He cannot do what you do not agree to. The visons and images set the foundation straight.

Psalm 78: 40-41
The Israelites limited God simply by refusing or not aligning. Even in starting don’t be small.

How do people limit God?
1. By being unpersuadable
2. By thinking small.

How to do impossible things in Christ. This is a strategy deduced from the Bible for making the impossibilities possible.

Isaiah 9:6–7 “The zeal of the Lord will perform it” Do not obsess with how it will happen.

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