May 22, 2022

Divine Leading Through Prayer

Divine Leading Through Prayer

Proverbs 22:28
In our generation, we naturally shy away from tradition. There are many things the generations before us considered right that we despised hence we shouldn’t despise our landmark. The landmark we have are the generations before us.

Gen 4:26 This is where corporate prayer started. There is no single example in the Bible of corporate prayer without corporate power which shows that there is mighty power in corporate prayer.

Prayer is a landmark culture which makes it something that we must not tamper with.

The connection between prayer and divine leading is to commemorate the instructions God has given you as a reminder and pattern for future relationships. Romans 12:2

3 Examples of how prayer brings Divine leading and sparks up supernatural occasions.

🔥 Pray more. Even if Saul was not expecting a supernatural encounter he kept on praying and waiting for God.

~ Cornelius- The Bible says he prayed naturally and saw a supernatural encounter with an angel. Acts 10:4

Build a prayer life to know God for yourself and by that, your sensitivity becomes heightened. Make it a culture to pray.

🔥We pray to receive direction and to prepare for execution. Acts 13:2
That “God said something” doesn’t mean it will come automatically, you should prepare for instruction from God by praying and fasting. Have special moments of prayer.
We pray long so that we can pray short. We must put in the work!

🔥 We can walk in precise leading when we build a structure. We must have special seasons of devotion (going beyond your normal fasting & praying schedule).

If we do what the generations before us did we will see what they saw!

Long hours of prayers is the hour of confidence!

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